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Event Title: Peterborough Comic-Con 2018
Event Date / Time:

24th Mar, 2018 09:30

Event Description: QKiY are set to bring a Comic-Con to Peterborough starting with Peterborough Comic-Con 2018. The inaugural convention is on Saturday 24/03/2018 at The Cresset in Peterborough. Please like this page and our event for updates & ticket details.

QKIY Presents: Peterborough Comic-Con 2018**
Saturday 24th March 2018

Confirmed Guests
Martin Ballantyne (The Dark Knight, Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, Bourne Ultimatum)
Chris Bunn (Star Wars, Superman, James Bond)
Holli Dempsey (Derek, Dr Who, Dad’s Army)
Nick Joseph (Star Wars, Dr Who, James Bond)
Pam Rose (Star Wars, Space:1999, Superman, Batman)
Peter Roy (Star Wars, Dr Who, James Bond)... See more
Kid Friendly
Website: https://cresset.ticketsolve.com/shows/873572272

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