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Event Title: Castle Builder
Event Date / Time:

10th Nov, 2017 21:00

Event Description: CASTLE BUILDER - "A TedTalk crossed with a rock gig" (includes smashing and burning things, and making things, ALL WITHOUT PERMISSION)

Kid Carpet and Vic Llewellyn take you on a musical, moving & comic trip through the minds of some of our planet’s most eccentric and creative individuals. A smash-hit success at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe.

The show spirals outwards from personal accounts into tales of outsiders who’ve built gigantic extraordinary structures, alone, in secret, and without artistic approval from the real world.

“It holds its audience, tenderly, in the palm of its hand, lifts us to the stars, then places us gently back down on earth, with a reminder that there’s always time to live better.”
- Exeunt (Maddy Costa):

* * * * * “boisterous and innovative.” - The British Theatre Guide

* * * * “Hilarious, touching and poignant.” - Across the Art

“joyful, messy and exuberant” - Total Theatre Magazine

8pm, Fri 10 Nov. & 8pm Sat 11 Nov

The Undercroft, Serpentine Green, Hampton, Peterborough PE7 8BE

£11 (£6 students). Suitable for 12+. (55 mins)

Arrive early oexperience Dream Catcher, a projection and VR installation by One-To- One Development Trust (4pm-8pm.)

Bar opens 7pm. Pizza, pasta & fresh-sub menu available pre-show, order on arrival.

Please see jumpeduptheatre.com/platform8 for details re venue access, and car parking / public transport connections
Website: https://easternangles.co.uk/event/castle-builder#tab-0=dates-and-times
The Undercroft, Serpentine Green,

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