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Midweek Ride – Wednesday 4th October

Do I need a fancy bike?
No. Any bike will do as long as it works properly.

Do I have to wear lycra?
Of course not. Most cyclists wear lycra as it’s comfortable when riding longer distances. Normal clothes are fine if you’re only riding a few miles but if you’re spending a little longer in the saddle you want clothing that’s light, doesn’t flap about and doesn’t have seams that rub in sensitive places.

Do you have any women-only rides?
We are an inclusive group but we don’t believe women-only rides are necessary. Many of our regular riders are women and on some of our rides females have outnumbered males. Everyone is treated equally and the nearest we get to a sexist attitude is when the guys mend punctures for women without being asked.

I like the idea of riding with a club but I'm concerned I’ll hold everyone back.
You’re not alone in thinking like this. All I can say is look at our rides, at the distance and our average speed - we are definitely not fast. A lot of people find riding in a group makes cycling easier.

I'm not ready for 40 mile rides yet, do you organise anything shorter?
We have organised shorter rides in the past and they were met with complete indifference. This causes us great concern as a club. We are more than happy to organise shorter rides but our ride leaders are volunteers and we need to know there is some interest out there.

Do I have to join CTC before I ride?
You can ride 3 times before joining. When you join, you join CTC, the National Cycling Charity and will receive a variety of member benefits. Once you're a member, it costs nothing else to ride with us (apart from what you’ll need at a tea stop).

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Original author: Phil Watson



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