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Feeling the Holiday Blues

If there’s one thing I wanted this blog to be, it’s a place for reality. And these past few weeks reality truly hit me.

During July I had an incredible trip to Canada to visit my Dad. Not only was it emotional because I hadn’t seen him for so long, but it was also a massive eye opener to a completely different way of life.

Canada is, of course, far bigger than the UK, but the amount of activities and events that go on in each area is unbelievable compared to what we have going on here at home.

If I wanted to be able to do something different every day of the week here in the UK, I would probably have to live in a city like London.

As someone who enjoys living actively, there are vast opportunities in Canada through all seasons to be outdoors. Whether it’s skiing in the winter, or tennis, hiking or swimming in the Summer. Canadians have such a positive mentality to enjoying their incredible surroundings, that it becomes infectious.

It was a holiday of a lifetime, and I know that we will be going back in a year or so, but the entire experience got me thinking about how much opportunity there is in the big wide world.

Because it’s really not that big anymore.

I had never seen myself living anywhere but the UK. Most of my family are here, and my friends are here. But after seeing what another country has to offer, it certainly made me realise that perhaps the UK isn’t where I’ll always be.

Here in the UK we still have an old-fashioned and outdated mindset to work-life balance, and it seems as though we’re always a few steps behind everyone else.

Rather than see our lives as the full-time fun we should be having, we see it as the add on that can only happen when our work is done. But it simply isn’t the case.

Many other countries have a bigger emphasis on community, and social activities.

And not to slate my birth country to pieces, but the UK has unfortunately lost that.

I enjoy where I live right now, but the truth is, my eyes have been opened. I suppose travel does that to you.

Call my holiday blues what you will. May be its withdrawal symptoms from the fresh air and sunshine, but I’ve never arrived back from a place longing to go back as badly.

The world is our oyster, and we have to make our lives what we can.

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