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What to Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed



This week I’ve felt like life has been running at me, and instead of my usual cool as a cucumber vibes, I’ve had a pick and mix of feelings ranging from frustration, upset to anger.

I don’t know what Bee got under my bonnet, but the negative cloud I’ve been carrying around with me has not been complimenting my usual sunny demeanour. And to make matters worse I immediately got frustrated with myself for getting so worked up in the first place. Because, self-criticism always makes these situations better.. not!

The trouble is, life can be like that sometimes. We can be as prepared and mentally focussed as we think, and then life can throw you a curve ball that makes you go off balance and feel pants.

Admittedly sometimes we might be ready for it, but other times we’re not. And it’s these times where we need to go to a tool box of practices to bring us back to earth again.

I’ll put my hands and say that doing these things for myself did take a few days. Well, the obligatory pity party had to be done first. But once I’d squared myself up and decided I didn’t want to feel like this anymore I got out my pen and paper, and thought of all the ways that would make me feel balanced again.


So, if you’re having one of those days or weeks, here’s my list that finally got me feeling pink and fluffy again.


Let It Be

As I said, sometimes you just need to let yourself be and indulge in your feelings. Having a good cry can be quite therapeutic, for the right reasons of course. And sometimes you need to embody those emotions to get over them.

If you’re feeling crappy, give yourself just an evening and then move on.

If the feelings continue, seek out someone to talk to.



It may sound bizarre, but sometimes I just love laying on my bed and breathing in the peace and quiet. My other half always call this ‘taking five’ because I tend to do it after work to ground myself, and I’ll say to him “I’m just taking five”.

Despite my breathing session taking far longer than five minutes, this solitary time helps me to focus on my breathing, slow my heart rate down, and clear my mind after a busy day.

It is a form of meditation, and without it, I think I’d be a frazzled mess. That, or dinner would taste like crap because I’m not focussing on the task at hand.

We massively underestimate the power of breathing, but even if you do just take five. It’s better for your body than no time at all.


Go for a walk  

I love going for a walk and getting back to nature. I’m a big hippie at heart, and even feeling the bark of a tree or smelling the sweetness that the rain brings out from the foliage, is a great reminder that the silly stuff we put into our heads is exactly that.. silly.

In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter, and what really matters is what is around us.

Take a walk. Not only will all the worries and anxieties be walked off, but you’ll grab yourself some fresh air and a new perspective.


Have a bath

A deep bubble bath is one of my favourite remedies for battling the blues.

Not only does it help me to relax, but it aids a good night sleep, so that I wake in the morning feeling refreshed and well rested. Which of course is the perfect way to rise.


Do some yoga

Marrying your mind and body in some gentle yoga can help you to push past those negative thoughts and guide you to a feeling of balance.

I’m a huge advocate for the powers of yoga, and since practicing it, I’ve become more understanding of the way my mind also affects my body.

Bring it all together and work it out.


Write it all down

I know I harp on about this idea again and again, but I’m a massive fan of writing down my thoughts and feelings so that I can better understand exactly what’s getting under my skin.

By writing down your worries, stresses or frustrations, you can Identify, accept and grow.


If you’ve got some useful tips for getting grounded when you’re stressed or overwhelmed, share them below!

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