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Where’s the Bullshit Button When You Need One?

I like to think I live my life in a pretty authentic manner. I don’t pretend to be anyone else; I don’t pretend to like things just because their ‘on trend’, and I don’t surround myself with people who I wouldn’t jump in front of a bus for.

But the truth is we live in a world that is led by image, and even those who think they are authentic can sometimes come across as being false.

I see it all the time; work colleagues kissing each other’s arses when I know behind the scenes there’s an almighty feud going on. Relationships that look picture perfect, when in reality neither lifts their head from their phones in each other’s company. And let’s not forget the biggest gripe I have online – parents pretending they’re the most amazing parents when I know the child gets passed around like a hot potato... continue reading from the Original link


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